Pinkerton Psychotherapy is a private practice in Houston, Texas serving adults, adolescents, individuals, families and couples.

Pinkerton Psychotherapy is dedicated to providing high quality, thoughtful and empowering psychotherapy and coaching services to our clients. We believe in meeting our clients where they are and tailoring therapy to each person’s needs to provide the most opportunity for growth, self-awareness and resolution.


Transformation is our expertise and our passion.

"Most people suffer from some form of emotional trauma. Emotional trauma is a rewiring of the brain, in which many of us can carry into our adult lives."

Do you have feelings of anxiety, low self-worth, stress, depression, or being stuck? Are you angry, irritable, and lash out? Are you hindered emotionally, relationally (couples, parenting, family), sexually, professionally?

Our early attachment experiences and love lessons, or lack thereof, model how we view ourselves as adults. It sets the tone for our ability to be vulnerable and authentic, which can manifest in high reactivity, limitations, and even disorders. If we were taught love under difficult circumstances that dealt with betrayal, inconsistency, intrusiveness, unmet needs, lack of attunement, mental illness, abandonment, abuse or addiction, this shapes our emotional balance and we seek to repeat the cycle.

At Pinkerton Psychotherapy, that inheritance doesn’t have to be accepted and the cycle can be broken. We collaboratively empower you to create a new narrative of self-actualization and awareness, basically a new story in your head that doesn’t encompass trauma.

Everyone is “enough”, yet few realize that. In fact, YOU are amazing and we are here to help you heal so you believe it.


I can help you create the future you envision.
My services ...


Our life struggles can be greatly minimized with an understanding of our own emotional reactions, behavior patterns and attachment history.

Relationship / Couples

Having clarity over your own issues and triggers as well as your partners, is beneficial to growth as a couple with more unity and love.


You can resolve conflict with consequences and provide a healthy foundation in which children grow to be independent yet connected adults.

Child / Teen

As a parent, it’s hard to watch your child struggle, and the teen years bring a new set of challenges. We can assist your child in working through challenges as well as provide tools for emotional regulation.

Autism and

We offer the ADOS testing for autism (18 months to adults) and assist with the skill sets to manage parenting a child with autism. Dealing with a child with ADHD comes with different parameters of parenting.

Mediation / Somatic Movement

Learn to focus on the present by reconnecting with yourself, your surroundings and everyone around you in guided meditation. Focus on a connection with your body and mind in our Somatic movement therapy class.


Sex is not a taboo subject here. Who wouldn’t like to have more meaningful and satisfying sex? Bridge the gap between you and your partner.


Are you not reaching your career goals? Perhaps you feel stuck or you might be considering a career change and unsure what to do next.

Online / Telehealth
and Group Therapy

We offer therapy that fits in with the modern day needs of efficiency via telehealth therapy.

Co-Parenting Coaching/
Divorce Support

Families don’t blend together naturally; they have to build together in steps. We help families process feelings associated with divorce, blending families, and coparenting in high conflict situations.

Explore my perspective on relationships, trauma, emotional health, parenting and intimacy/sex – with an emphasis on personal purpose and progress.

Wounds Choose Until You Choose

If a wound doesn’t heal properly, it will fester.

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Courageous Communication

This is the time to have what I call courageous communication with your family and loved ones.

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Baby Steps

If you do the emotional work, you will experience growth.

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Most of the time, when we are hurt, we have given the person hurting us access to do so.

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