Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to note that coaching is NOT psychotherapy. Life coaching does not address or diagnose mental disorders and is not a substitute for counseling, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment. Coaching focuses on achieving life goals, while therapy addresses past traumas. Therapy is rooted in the past, while coaching centers around the future.

I address a variety of topics in coaching including sex, relationships, parenting, inner child work, coping skills, and emotional regulation. Additionally, as life coaching is forward thinking, career goals, life transitions and growth mindset are foundational concepts.  

All standard coaching sessions are 50 minutes, but intensives vary in length. The duration of coaching varies to support your unique needs. Coaching usually is ceased after you have reached your goals unless you have other concerns to address or desire to have regular check in sessions to ensure growth and upward mobility.

Relationship intensives and workshops are regularly offered. If you are interested in a particular concentration, please ask as we will be happy to accommodate.

I offer a whole approach to emotional wellness. When you are my client, I am your champion. I provide my clients an environment full of trust, commitment, and compassion. I want you to thrive in life and I will ride it out with you to get there.

Coaching is for driven individuals who desire self-improvement. Coaching is not for individuals who need healing from past traumas, but rather those who are ready to look to the future to improve their life, grow their relationships, or find success in work.