In the age of creative dating where axe throwing, escape or rage rooms, yoga/gym dates, or painting classes have become commonplace, dates for relationship or premarital counseling is the newest shift.

Counseling DateFor people who have been on a healing journey or have prioritized increasing self-awareness and healthy life patterns, this is on brand with their focus. For those who maybe have not delved into therapy or self-help, they might be open to it for the basic fact of risk mitigation. In couples counseling, a dating couple can address a myriad of ideas and concerns to ensure the viability and overall health of the relationship.

Some of the common topics are:

  • Determining if there is a future in the relationship.
  • The emotional health of the relationship
  • Addressing any potential pitfalls
  • Learning how to fight fair including how to truly apologize.
  • Healing any trauma that shows up negatively in your relationship.
  • Intimacy and sex
  • Understanding financial viewpoints
  • Determining life goals and lifestyles
  • Establishing agreements on how to handle issues that can affect relationship such as family dynamics, religion, politics, finances, ethics, and traditions.

Relationship coaching, couples therapy, or premarital counseling all provide a proactive approach to ensure that the relationship is on a healthy track. Often there is a concern that the relationship might not be a good one if they must already seek therapy, but this stigma is fading. Seeking therapy does not indicate that the relationship is broken or problematic. Instead, it can mean two people are committed to being in emotionally healthy relationships and value foundations of respect, love, good communication, boundaries, autonomy, shared dreams, and goals.

Couples who go to relationship counseling are better prepared and more likely to have a great relationship and future than those who never seek counseling or therapy. Whether it is couples counseling, or a self-paced workshop such as Pinkerton Psychotherapy’s “To Do Before I Do”, getting help is an investment into a happier and healthier future together. So, make the date, to work on your relationship.

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