Most people do not realize that some of our problems often arise from unresolved trauma.

Unresolved Trauma

When people experience mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression or the inability to have healthy relationships, they immediately attribute it to the stress of current happenings and day-to-day life. However, most do not realize that these problems often arise from unresolved trauma. Cognizant of this is the intuitive psychotherapist Jennifer Pinkerton who has dedicated herself to guiding others toward healing.

Motivated by her passion, she founded Pinkerton Psychotherapy, a private practice based in Houston, Texas, which caters to a wide range of clients from children, teens, adults, to groups such as couples and families. The venture’s mission is rooted in the mindset that meets patients where they are on their journey and creates tailor-fit therapy and options. Doing this will allow an optimum opportunity for growth, self-awareness and resolution.

In addition to Jennifer’s commitment to her vocation, what makes her stand out is her emphasis on connection, as she believes it is the foundation for healthy relationships. The remarkable professional specializes in the link between early experiences and attachment wounds that form the mechanics for behaviors in relationships, which also constitute the maladaptive coping skills that can express through disorders, grandiosity, cognitive distortions, detachment, and other negative behaviors.

Moreover, she uses her unrivaled knowledge and extensive expertise to help people break free from their past. She insightfully said, “Early attachment experiences, or lack thereof, model how we view ourselves as adults. It sets the tone for our ability to be vulnerable and authentic, which can manifest in high reactivity, limitations, and even disorders. If we were taught love under difficult circumstances that dealt with betrayal, inconsistency, intrusiveness, unmet needs, lack of attunement, mental illness, abandonment, abuse or addiction, this shapes our emotional balance, and we seek to repeat the cycle. This inheritance doesn’t have to be accepted. We can create a new narrative of self-actualization and awareness, basically a new story in your head that doesn’t encompass trauma.”

As a result, the professional has helped countless individuals reveal and understand their attachment wounds and unresolved emotional trauma negatively impacting their relationships and sexuality. Additionally, Pinkerton Psychotherapy has established itself as an industry authority that provides high-quality, thoughtful, and empowering psychotherapy and coaching services to its clients.

Aside from this, the connection expert and emotional health champion also utilizes creative avenues to spread her advocacy. Jennifer Pinkerton is a writer who has a regular column published monthly in Swoon Magazine. She is also a keynote speaker who often shares her insights with audiences.

On top of that, the brilliant mind is the creator and host of the REDHEADREVEAL™ podcast, which tackles and dives into navigating one’s wounds and primary love lessons that have shaped their ability to function healthily in relationships and sex. She also invites other intellectuals to share their insights and perspectives on the forward motion of resiliency and living a full, loving, and healthy life.

Jennifer Pinkerton is undoubtedly an outstanding individual who guides others toward creating healthy relationships built upon connection, authenticity and vulnerability. Moving forward, the visionary intends to scale her influence to connect with more people and help them take charge of their lives and thrive.

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