This is the time to have what I call courageous communication with your family and loved ones.

To promote any kind of change in the world we have to acknowledge it and understand it.

Take the time to talk to your children. One of the aspects of good parenting allows for a safe space to ask questions, discuss fears, have differing points of view. You might be surprised to learn your kids’ perspectives on sickness, politics, fear, hate, love and much more.

This year is full of challenges, but there can be a message in the mess. We can all grow, evolve, and become the best people we can be. Lead your children into being interested and hopeful change agents as an adult. Lead by example and illustrate an openness to have uncomfortable but necessary talks. If we all work together with an open mind and loving heart, we can make 2020 count.


"There is always a message in the mess."