In New ‘Cool 100,’ Mag Counts Down Houston’s Top Movers, Shakers and Makers. Did You Make the List?

Coming in at #60. Jenn Pinkerton …

Jennifer Pinkerton

She’s a gorgeous redheaded sexologist. Sounds like a movie, but Pinkerton, also an author and podcaster, is an actual, cutting-edge psychotherapist. She specializes in LGBTQ and couples issues — and does compassionate work on nonsexual matters with families and kids.

THE MEANING OF “cool” evolves. In the ’50s you might have thought greasers were cool, with their leather jackets à la Danny Zuko. In the ’70s, a long-haired activist or a Studio 54 reveler in Halston. In the ’80s, a Wall Street master of the universe?

Deciding who and what is cool is not only a moving target but also entirely subjective. And you might say attempting to “rank” the coolest people in Houston is a fool’s errand, one that will leave us immediately open to criticism. “You think she is cooler than him? You included this person?! You left off that one!?”

To that, we say: You’re right, it’s crazy. Also: Lighten up. These aren’t the Nobel Prizes. This is a lark, a fun way to fill some magazine pages. But, then again, it’s not not important. The Cool 100 — graciously sponsored by Four Seasons Hotel Houston, the Post Oak Collection and Insólito Tequila — is our way of commenting on Houstonians drawing our attention right now.

We’re interested in highbrow, and low. We like fun and sexy, and cerebral and poised. We like people who have made it to the top, and those striving to get there. We like the rich and famous, and those doing their thing quietly their own way, outside the limelight.

We have a bias, we admit, for young, beautiful and artistic. We’re not necessarily honoring the legends of Houston or the most generous philanthropists, and we’re not ranking the saints. (That’s another list.) However, we are impressed by maturity — and accomplishment in all fields. And kindness is always cool.

Also, to be on the CityBook list, you must live and work primarily in Houston. Sorry, Beyoncé.

Those named to the inaugural Cool 100 stood apart for their aesthetic and impact, their attitude and intrigue. We love what they’ve been doing lately, and we’re genuinely curious about what they’ll do next.

To borrow from The New York Times, which presented a similar list recently: We welcome dissent. But we are, without a doubt, correct.

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