Jennifer Pinkerton

Harboring unprocessed emotional trauma can be damaging to any individual’s personal growth and relationships. It can also rob them of the opportunity to become the best version of themselves, have a productive career and have a thriving marriage.

For these reasons, psychotherapist, writer, and motivational speaker Jennifer Pinkerton is dedicating her career to helping people suffering from trauma see their experience from the proper perspective so they can begin to heal and thrive.

The owner of Pinkerton Psychotherapy and host of the REDHEADREVEAL™ podcast is a well-known connection expert and emotional health advocate. She helps people reveal and understand their attachment wounds and unresolved emotional trauma that have been keeping them in survival mode for a great part of their lives. Pinkerton understands fully well that these unresolved issues in their lives tend to negatively impact their relationships and sexuality.

Pinkerton offers online workshops and intensives to help her clients navigate their wounds. She is also best known for her love lessons that have effectively helped her clients develop better relationships and intimate experiences. In her podcast, she addresses the intricacies of developing personal resilience and discusses it with thought leaders who contribute to the topic.

Her private practice in Houston, Texas, has allowed her to work with children, teens, adults, individuals, couples, and families who wish to elevate their life experiences by letting go of the pain in their past. Pinkerton Psychotherapy is dedicated to providing high-quality, thoughtful, and empowering psychotherapy and coaching services to its clients from all walks of life. The practice’s mission is based on the mindset to meet clients where they are and customize therapy and coaching to each person’s needs to provide the most opportunity for growth, self-awareness, and resolution.

Throughout the course of her productive professional career, Pinkerton has seen adults get stuck in life, unable to move forward due to their traumas in the past. Primarily, they cannot function in relationships and achieve connection, authenticity, and vulnerability. When left unresolved, relationships often become a casualty.

“If we were taught love under difficult circumstances that dealt with betrayal, inconsistency, intrusiveness, unmet needs, lack of attunement, mental illness, abandonment, abuse or addiction, this shapes our emotional balance, and we seek to repeat the cycle. This inheritance doesn’t have to be accepted. We can create a new narrative of self-actualization and awareness, basically, a new story in your head that doesn’t encompass trauma,” Pinkerton revealed.

As a professional psychotherapist and coach, Pinkerton believes that healing is not linear. People will repeat what they do not heal. That is why she believes in the value of engaging in an intentional transformation that allows people to create an entirely new narrative without discounting or invalidating the trauma that took place. Thanks to Pinkerton and her personal advocacy, her clients can begin to live more meaningful lives and return to the person they were born to be.

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