Most of the time, when we are hurt, we have given the person hurting us access to do so.

By being vulnerable and taking a risk to love (which required a certain inner strength), we gave them permission to get into our open heart. This is a healthy act, as it is required if we are to experience love. However, if active hurt happens repeatedly, that relationship may be unhealthy and should end. Don’t let a person dim the light that lives in your soul. You can decide not to let them dictate your emotional reaction. It isn’t easy, but it can be done. Fighting for a relationship with someone who never deserved your strength is pointless. Just because they are not right for you doesn’t mean someone else isn’t. You are still someone’s idea of their dream girl/guy. Don’t let the wrong person block the way to the right one. You can choose to be with someone who deserves you and is ready to appreciate you. Hurt might cause small cracks in your heart, but that is where the light comes in – through the cracks and fills us.


"Believe in your ability to love."