KPRC AM 950 Houston’s Real Texas, Real Talk Interview  with Jennifer Pinkerton

I am a psychotherapist, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and I have a private practice in Memorial, Pinkerton Psychotherapy, which consists of five other therapists as well and we all aim to serve clients for various different issues and help everyone thrive.

How did you get involved in psychotherapy?

Well I had been a writer for many years and that’s always been my passion. I wrote a lot about relationships and the human condition and human behavior. I went back to grad school really for the sole purpose of getting some added psychology credentials about how the mind works to help me in my writing pursuits, but once I was there I fell in love with the act of attending and holding space for other people and really kind of dove in the deep end of the pool and still swimming today. So, I shifted gears and really enjoy helping people and working with people in this collaborative effort to help them be their best version of themselves.

What do you mean by holding space for people?

I consider it a privilege and an absolute honor when someone will come into your office, sit with you and be vulnerable enough to share the different things that cause some struggles in their life or perhaps issues that they’ve been affected with like various forms of trauma. They don’t realize and understand how that trauma is manifesting in their life where they may feel stuck and to have that privilege to be able to sit there with them and hold that space to be able to be the container for their feelings, their emotions and their vulnerability. To help them shift gears a little bit and help them be able to pivot in life if needed and to understand any coping skills and tools they can use to come out on the other side feeling a lot better about themselves and about life. For the full interview, watch the video below.


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